Poster Session

Paulinerkirche, 1. floor Map

Mikhail Belonosov, Vladimir Tcheverda, Victor Kostin and Dmitry Neklyudov
MPI+OpenMP parallelization for elastic wave simulation with an iterative solver

Sreeram Sadasivam, Malin Ewering and Horst Schwichtenberg
Abstract Decision Engine for Task Scheduling in Linux based Operating Systems

Hajin Kim, Jiwon Bang, Siwoon Son, Namsoo Joo, Mi-Jung Choi and Yang-Sae Moon
Message Latency-based Load Shedding Mechanism in Apache Kafka

Siwoon Son and Yang-Sae Moon
Duality-based Locality-Aware Stream Partitioning in Distributed Stream Processing Engines

Gregor Ulm, Emil Gustavsson and Mats Jirstrand
Active-Code Replacement in the OODIDA Data Analytics Platform

Francisco Muñoz-Martínez, José L. Abellán and Manuel E. Acacio
CNN-SIM: A Detailed Arquitectural Simulator of CNN Accelerators

Hasan Heydari, Guthemberg Silvestre, Nicolas Larrieu and Alain Pirovano
Time-based Consensus

Cao Vien Phung, Jasenka Dizdarevic and Admela Jukan
Enhancing Block-Wise Transfer with Network Coding in CoAP

Michał Orzechowski, Bartosz Balis, Łukasz Dutka, Renata Słota and Jacek Kitowski
Transparent data access for scientific workflows across clouds

Andreas Grapentin and Andreas Polze
A Classification of Resource Heterogeneity in Multiprocessing Systems




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